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As Hotelconsultants we worked out a new Concept for:

Future Hotelbusiness:           
 The Saphir“LuXotelCity ©

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Justified Investment – here in Future Hotelsystem for the 2020ies and 2030ies

Security for earned and taxed capital can be invested in a Investors own AG, (company by shares) which should build properties with a high turnover and profit. The answer is: "Saphir LuXotelcity". First one, ------ then about 1000 around the world! The world needs them desperately ! The Gateway to Cities and Tourism Clusters

Saphir LuXotelcity

Ø  Innovativ in all sectors (i.e. Building poss. In wooden modules, etc)-at least

4 equal units in one object (or more- depend. on marketingplan) incl. Hotel****+,Boarding Suites, Residences, Leisure Pyramid.

Ø  The future in working, meeting and living (Life style 2025)

Ø  Human in every respect

Ø  Efficient (Material, Management, Production)

Ø  Energy-saving via own photovoltaik installations, block power-unit, climate recycling system, etc.,)

Ø  Most possible usage of Recycle-material

Ø  Light-bright-open-air-each room (Aptm.)with balcony-terasse

Ø  Electronic (virtual) concierge service- poss. Head up display in part of room windows.

Ø  Technical steerings in guest-room (electricity, air-condition, Tv-programs, brightness, colour-lights, projection of pictures  etc. via built in tablet)  for individual surrounding

Ø  Bio-food- fair trade

Ø  Security – in complete Area (20.000 sqm) – every visitor will be checked in and will use the chip payment in whole area

Ø  Leisure-  Wellness-  spa- and  play-gronds

Ø  Medical service

Ø  „Virtual bar“ (virtual cabins, 3-d film studios, Cyber  glasses (goggles) for virtual world, Communication station) overall WLAN. Laptop & tablet etc., connections to internet in each guestroom.

Ø  Animation & kindergarden for Children

Ø  M.I.C.E.– Complete service for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events !

Ø  Concerts, Shows etc. on stage with Amphitheatre (ancient look) in Glass Pyramide (5000sq mtrs) including parc, ponds, cafeterrasses, hanging gardens etc.,)

Ø  Own E-Vehicle rent station (to unse it for city trips and leisure) i.e. = E-cars, E-bikes, Scooters, Segway-etc.,


see info Präsentation „LuXotelcity“. Ask:


Cost for the first LuXotelcity: complete betw. 60 and 80 Mill. $ - ROI 10%+

Includes 2x100 Rooms 4****+ Hotel, 80 Boarding Suites, 30 Offices, 60 to 80 residences (separate financing) and a Leisure & M.I.C.E. Pyramid (Glass an steel)-- together with garages, E-Vehicle rent, small shopping mall, restaurants, cafes, Konditoreien, Parc with ponds, and 30 leisure points!

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Josef Kaufmann Consultant

Ziegelstrasse 7, 6401 Inzing, Tirol, Austria.

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